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Filmed/ Edited/ Sound and Music by Greg Bell


Tupelo Tree is a wedding florist / artist based in Dunfermline who wanted a video that communicated her passion for her work. She wanted to explain her style by revealing what inspires and excites her. It would be a chance for the viewer to gain insight into the person behind Tupelo Tree.

Before storyboarding or filming I spent time asking her questions that would give me ideas for what we could put into the video. This ended up being the main theme for the entire film. It was our aim for it to feel authentic and heart felt and I feel it all came together very well.

This project was a brilliant opportunity for me to really get creative with sound. I had great fun composing the music and recording almost all of the audio separately. I like to think the films sound is as impactive as the visuals.

Filmed/ Edited and Sound by Greg Bell

Eats Rosyth is a brilliant project that aims to educate the people of Rosyth to enable them to grow their own food. Not only do the teach new skills but they allow the locals to use their communal garden and keep what they grow for free!

They felt not enough people knew about the project and perhaps weren't sure what it was all about. They wanted a video they could use on social media that clearly communicated what they were all about in a friendly and inviting way. 

We worked together to come up with the key things they wanted to get across and then set about  creating a storyboard, a shoot schedule and then it all came to life.

Filmed and Edited by Greg Bell


At the time we were actually doing a live cake demo to Nigeria and I was left with not much to do once everything was set up. I grabbed one of our cameras and thought I'd take the opportunity to make a sort of highlights video. I quickly edited it the next day and it was put on various PBBS social media channels with great success.


This was filmed on a Lumix GH4 and edited on Premiere Pro.



Filmed and Edited by Greg Bell


This was the perfect opportunity to combine leisure and work. My wife who runs Tupelo Tree invited me to spend the weekend with her to help set up a large wedding. I took the camera along and shot whatever I could in between helping and generally running around.


The only camera  I had to hand was my Canon 60d and all audio was captured using it's built in microphone. 


This video was used on her social media channels and got a lot of positive attention which is always nice.



Edited by Greg Bell

In the first few months of employment with Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School as their Visual Producer I was tasked with making a new promotional video to brief. The video was to be used on their site as well as social media. Much of the footage they wanted to use had already been shot and so I had to fill in the blanks and try and tie it all together. 

We needed a video that got across the essence of the brand and did so in a fairly short and engaging manner. 

As of January 2017 I am working on a new promotional video that will tie in with our new web site which is currently in development. With the team and a marketing agency I have completed a storyboard and a shooting schedule and am doing some location research...Cannot wait to get started!

Graphics and Animation by Greg Bell


This short infographics piece was made as part of an interview process for STV new. As part of the selection process, I was sent a brief containing all the information required. I was to then select what I felt were the four main pieces of information and then create a 60-second animation.



I decided it would be best to create something that could be watched silently as well as with audio as the job would be creating content for social media. The voice you are hearing is actually my own so please excuse the untrained voice over. ​


I had great fun creating something that required a quick turnaround with nothing to work with other than text. The creative process of visualising information was an excellent exercise.

It was created using After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Filmed/ Edited/ Sound and Music by Greg Bell


This was a brilliant project to work on. A collection of extremely talented people all involved in the wedding industry came together to create an elopement style photo shoot. The photos are to be published in a wedding magazine called "Destination I do".  My job was to capture a "romantic behind the scenes" of the day. 


Filmed/ Edited and Animation by Greg Bell

As well as filming cake designing tutorials we also create a series of "Pro Courses" which are geared towards our pro members. These videos are all about the nuts and bolts of running a cake decorating business whether it's online or from a shop. 

We get in marketing/ financial and internet experts to film as guest tutors covering all the key areas of running a business. This video acts as an advert for a particular course looking at the aspirations of the viewing pro members

Filmed/ Edited and Animation by Greg Bell

This promotional video was created to help advertise the accredited tutor scheme which was launched by Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School. The scheme would allow self employed cake designers to teach Paul Bradford cake designs under the guidance of the school.

Graphics/ Animation and Music by Greg Bell

Hanover Scotland is a housing association that provides a telecare service for sheltered housing and people in their own homes. They wanted a video they could use on their web site that would clearly explain the service for people looking for extra support in their own homes.

All graphics were created from scratch based on actual equipment they supply and use. All graphics were created in illustrator and animated in After Effects.

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